Mission: IPC Web Solutions is a partnership between Invasive Plant Control, Inc. and the University of Georgia – Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health to develop advanced web-based tools to assist in management of invasive plants that started in 2011

IPCWebSolutions offers a suite of tools custom built for your specific needs. Choose from three platforms, meet with one of our designers, then let them go to work.


IPCConnect contains powerful web-based task management tools that give you greater control over how you manage and present your projects, providing innovative capabilities across the entire lifecycle of a project or daily operations to help organizations effectively initiate, select, plan and deliver projects on time and within budget. As a web-based tool, productivity is greatly enhanced, allowing the user to utilize IPCConnect anywhere from any mobile device.

How does it work?

Our team will work with yours to determine which project tools you consider important in your day to day resource management. Virtually any part of your operation can be integrated into your customized version of IPCConnect. Digitize your contractor or in-house crews daily site sheets so that you can visualize, download and print reports in real time. Track chemical usage and costs on a daily basis.

Create maintenance tools on your handheld device to eliminate costly down time while in the field. Use it as a data collection tool designed for running transects, gathering plot data, or taking photo points, capturing all the information needed to create a detailed report all in one mobile device. The options are endless.

While this tool is optimal for reporting critical data that will be utilized to control invasive species, it’s not just for plants; IPCConnect can be customized according to the desired specifications of your project.

Each project may have various protocols according to the results required. With IPCConnect, the land manger can manipulate the input parameters based on the protocols. For example, when gathering invasive plant data the administrator first sets up the data fields. Once in the field, the collector chooses a plant species from a drop-down menu and verifies the plant identification from the photo and plant description. If it is a positive ID, the collector can create a photo point, enter the density level, the estimated acres, etc. With all the data collected in your smart phone or tablet, it can now be uploaded via a 3G/4G network or WIFI to your customized, password protected web interface.

What you get…

IPCConnect is dynamic and changes according to the needs of the user. This smart tool can provide species lists, time stamps, photos, maps (.kml that can be imported to .shp), individual species points, area polygons, species population area or of the entire survey or work area, infestation density, and other valuable data.


Comprehensive Mobile applications to assist in the process of invasive plant management. IPC can develop an app for any mobile device customized to your resource management needs.


IPCPlans takes old three ring binder documents and puts them into your mobile device. From now on, instead of printing your management plan or annual report and sticking it on a shelf, land managers have a tool that allows them to utilize their plans online in a user-friendly format.

How does it work?

With IPCPlans, our developers can either convert old plans or develop new ones using our online management plan tool. Our designers will customize an outline that suits your needs, develop reporting tools for the times when you need to print a report or analyze your management plans effectiveness create drop down menus to make the plan easy to navigate. Best of all it is available 24 hours a day from any hand-held device.

Update your management plan in the field

With IPCPlans you no longer have to wait 1-5 years to update your strategic plans. Instead of compiling notes throughout the course of the year and taking your valuable time to update the hard copy of your management plan, you can now do it at any time using your mobile device. Once submitted, the plan is automatically updated and available for all specified parties.

You can also include maps and historical references, identification guides, property boundaries and any other relevant information. When treating invasives, your applicator can measure the path where controlled occurred and enter control data directly into the plan on the day the patch was treated.

How else can IPCPlans be used?

Virtually any plan you have can be converted or built using IPC Plans including volunteer management, annual reports, safety guidelines, employee handbooks and many more. Once your plans are converted, you and your employees can access them from anywhere and specified users will be able to update them in real time.

The efficiency you want, the controls you need.

Take advantage of our powerful online tools for more effective management, control and compliance of your land management needs.

Top 10 reasons to try IPCWebSolutions

  1. Availability to your information when you need it When you’re away from your PC, our custom built apps allow you to access any of the IPCWebSolution tools you need while in the field on virtually any mobile device.
  2. Create the software you need With IPCWebSolutions you are no longer limited to off the shelf products. Every land manager has a unique situation that requires specific needs. Our staff can custom build the online tools that suit your needs.
  3. Track site sheet data in real time. Your organization no longer has to wait for site sheets to be sent via the US Postal Service. Our Tracking program creates a real time system that allows the land manager to see what the applicator is doing in real time. Tracking data can also be customized to meet the needs of any organization.
  4. See real time maps of the work your staff is doing in the field. Our customized apps allow you to create polygons and download to your web interface while in the field, eliminating the tedious task of reentering all of your data into your desktop at the end of the day.
  5. Stay compliant with archiving The ability to retain and discover data across your organization is essential to ensuring internal and regulatory compliance.
  6. Keep people connected. With IPC’s online tools your staff, contractors or volunteers will have easy mobile access to important safety documents, operations planning tools or last minute changes in management decisions.
  7. Make your management recommendations consistent. With the IP{CWeb Solutions your entire staff can have access to a mobile smart tool designed to take all of the variables you consider important into account and create the most efficient and cost effective invasive species control methods for your site.
  8. Create useable and easily updated management plans. With a custom designed online management plan you can create a management plan that is utilized on a daily basis and updated with the use of your mobile device. Print customized reports, update important tracking information and utilize sections of your plan for marketing, grant writing or administrative purposes without having to dig through your three ring binders.
  9. Use our online tools to collaborate with other departments, agencies or neighboring land managers. Our new online tools are excellent for assisting in the management of invasive species but they are also ideal for just about any land management program. Deer management, beaver control, wildlife ecology and conservation programs and native plant programs are just a few examples of management areas that can greatly benefit from development and use of our online tools.
  10. Manage and control your projects more easily