Workshops and Conferences

  • IPC will develop and present invasive plant management workshops anywhere in the world
    • Professional Training
    • Applicator Recertification Classes

Project Design Services

  • IPC recommends developing a long term management plan prior to performing on the ground management.
    • IPC will develop invasive plant management plans
    • IPC will map existing infestations
    • IPC will design specifications for bid solicitations

Public Outreach

  • Community education
    • Partnership building
    • Invasive plant public awareness


Step 1: Visit the Proposed Work Area

  • All sites offer different obstacles. The best way to fully understand the actions required and costs involved is to meet with an agency representative on site to review the needs of the client.
  • In the event that the client is unable to meet with IPC on site, photographers detailing species present and level of infestation combined with maps and acreage estimates can help IPC.

Step 2: Define the Level of Infestation

  • Your IPC representative will determine the level of infestation of the species targeted for control based on percentage coverage in the designated area.
    • IPC diagnosis sites on two scales
      • High, Medium and Low
      • Levels 1-5 (5 being the worst case scenario)

Step 3: Choose the Appropriate Control Method

  • The control method will be determined based on several factors including:
    • Site conditions including proximity to water, proximity to desireable species and site accessibility
      • Need for and selection of chemicals
      • Selectivity required

Step 4: Determine the Price for Long Term Control

  • IPC will develop a species specific cost proposal based on either
    • Price per acre
    • Price per day
    • Price per hour

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