December 15-16th, 2020, Nashville, TN

Innovations in Invasive Species Management Conference and Training

We welcome everyone back to the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, TN for the 4th annual 2020 Innovations in Invasive Species Conference.

We invite you to join us for the fourth annual Innovations in Invasive Species Management Conference Training to be held in Nashville, TN  December 15th – 16th, 2020 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in Nashville, TN.   2017, 2018 and 2019 were great successes with land managers coming together from throughout the US and overseas.  The conference hosts people from throughout the US and World looking for new techniques and inspiration from successes to manage a wide range of invasive species We are working to include more animal, marine and insect content as well this year. Be ready for some exciting new topics and demonstrations in 2020.

As we prepare the 2020 Conference please consider presenting.  If you would like to present an oral presentation or a poster, demonstrate equipment or reserve a vendor space, please see below for directions.  Otherwise if you have any questions please give Steven Manning a call at 615-969-1309 or send an email at

What’s the topic this year?   WHY do we manage invasive species?

Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center
2800 Opryland Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37214 USA

Invasive Plant Control, Inc.
PO Box 50556
Nashville, TN 37205
P: 615.385.4319

Our intent is to continue planning for the conference but with contingencies and a new format.   As mentioned previously, the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center has been very understanding and is making it easy for us to proceed without penalty if we need to cancel at the last minute.

Below are examples of some of the steps we are taking to be innovative in attempting to host an in  person conference this December.

Conference Attendees

We will be capping attendance at this year’s conference at 100 people.  This will make for a more intimate and hopefully beneficial conference for those that attend.  Registrants will be able to cancel for a full refund up until one week prior to the conference.

Conference Dates

The conference will be held on December 15 and 16, 2020.  Approximately ½ of the conference will take place indoors and the other ½ in an open park setting. 

Sessions and Room Setup

Opryland has allowed us to utilize 10 conference rooms at the hotel so that we can spread out and keep to small groups during the indoor portion of the conference.  Our goal is to have a maximum of 10-12 people per room.  Each room will host its own session for the day with minimal movement of participants.  We will be asking for registrants to participate as speakers as well since many of the participants over the last several years have excellent information to offer from their own experience.


We have secured 4 large motor coaches to be utilized for the field portion of the conference.  This will allow enough space to accommodate 1 person per bench/row of the bus.


We will provide meals for those interested and these will be served as a boxed meal.  We may also host dinner banquets in one of their large banquet halls where adequate space is available.

COVID 19 Policies

We are working with the Opryland Hotel to implement their current COVID 19 policies as will be appropriate in December.  Examples from this policy can be found at

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me directly at or 615-969-1309.

Outstanding Speakers from Across the U.S.

We are fortunate to have several prominent keynote speakers including

Doug Tallamy, professor at the University of Delaware who will offer two thought provoking presentations.

With more to come….

2020 Outdoor Equipment Demonstrations at the Warner Parks

A favorite session in past conferences has been the outdoor equipment demos.  In 2020 we have expanded this session and will be hosting demonstrations at the Warner Parks (WP) rain or shine.  Come visit this urban wilderness and the progress made in the “Invasive Free at the WP 2027” campaign.  Vendors have already begun to visit the park to set up demo sites in preparation for the December event.  If you have equipment or techniques you would like to demonstrate during the conference, please contact conference coordinator Steve Manning to discuss details.

Interested in Offering a Presentation?

Please send in an abstract according to the guidelines (Arial 11, single spaced, bold and italicized where indicated in the sample) in the example below to


Sample Abstract

Presenter:   Tree of Heaven

Title: Ailanthus Altissima

Affiliation: Trees

Contact Information


Telephone: 615-385-4319


Title of Presentation

Controlling Tree of Heaven

Abstract for Presentation 1

You can eradicate an infestation by eliminating every invasive plant and its seeds in the infestation, a difficult feat that requires timely and repeated use of the most effective treatments. You can control or suppress an infestation through medium effective treatments that mostly kill aboveground plant parts but that leave, even with repeated treatments, the live roots or rhizomes unharmed. You can contain an

infestation by confining and restricting its spread through effective treatments that eliminate outlier plants, spots, or advancing fronts. Containment is often the only option when infestations continue to encroach from adjoining untreated lands. Remember: all treatments should be monitored for determining followup actions.

Speaker Bio

Ailanthus is a deciduous tree to 80 feet (25 m) in height and 6 feet (1.8 m) in diameter, with long pinnately compound leaves and circular glands under lobes on leaflet bases. Strong odor from flowers and other parts, sometimes likened to peanuts or cashews.



Rooms are open for booking at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel.  Click on the following link to go directly to the reservations page.


Read below for exhibit options.

All Table, Nonprofit and Booth Exhibitors will receive the following benefits:

  • Logo placement on conference website
  • Name and logo displayed in conference program
  • Exhibit booth or display table space
  • One full conference registration
  • Logo placement on conference website

Booth Exhibitor: $1,250

  • A draped, 10’ x 10’ exhibit area, with one clothed and draped 8’ table
  • A second full complementary registration

Table Exhibitor: $700

  • One clothed and draped 8’ table plus 2 chairs

Nonprofit Exhibitor: $300

  • Same benefits as regular Table Exhibitor


All Annual Meeting Sponsors receive the following benefits:

  • Logo placement on conference announcements, publications and website with a link to your website
  • Logo displayed in conference program
  • Logo displayed on prominent signage at the event
  • Exhibit booth space
  • Sponsor ribbons on name badges to recognize your company’s contribution

Additional benefits per tiered sponsor level include:

Concurrent Session Sponsor: $1,500

  • Receive 2 complimentary full conference registrations
  • Your company will be recognized as a sponsor of a concurrent session
  • Your company logo will appear on signage outside the session room

Break Sponsors: $3,000

  • Receive 4 complimentary full conference registrations
  • Your company will sponsor a morning or afternoon break during which all attendees will see your logo prominently displayed at the refreshment area
  • Quarter-page ad in conference program

Lunch Reception Sponsor: $5,000

  • Receive 6 complimentary full conference registrations
  • Your company will sponsor the one of the Exhibitor Lunch Receptions
  • All attendees will see your company name in several locations during lunch
  • Half-page ad in conference program

Evening Reception Sponsor: $7,500

  • Receive 8 complimentary full conference registrations
  • Your company will sponsor the Thursday evening Dinner
  • All attendees will recognize your company name in several locations around the buffet area; speaking opportunity at the general session
  • Full page ad in conference program

Additional or partial sponsorship opportunities are available such as sponsoring the tour, a break, special session, reception, or other marketing opportunity. 

For more information please contact Steven Manning at 615-969-1309 or