Held on January 30, 2016 - SUCCESS
success1 success2 success3Caroline Orr (MGC), Nancy Miller (MGC), Gina White (LGC), Hollidae Morrison (Garden Club of America Zone IX Conservation Representative) and Weezie Calandruccio (MGC). Photo by Vance Lewis (LGC).

Weed Wrangle Memphis, Shelby Farms Greenline – collaborative project of the Memphis GC and The Little GC of Memphis, TN - Memphis GC: Weezie (Louise) Calandruccio and Veazey (Margaret) Krausnik. The Little GC of Memphis: Gina White, Leslie Schutt and Vance Lewis. Representatives of the Memphis GC and The Little GC of Memphis recently met with Shelby Farms Park Conservancy to plan their collaborative "Weed Wrangle" to be held early in 2016. The goal is to remove Chinese Privet from our Lucius Burch Jr. Natural Area forest. Privet covered 90% of this forest until we recently cleared 200 acres thanks to a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. This Weed Wrangle event is building off those efforts and helping to get the community involved in this effort to restore our forest to health. Steve Manning will speak to volunteers about invasive plants. Since Chinese privet (Ligustrum sinense) will be the only green growth at that time, it will be an obvious target.

Memphis Garden Club   

The purpose of the Memphis Garden Club is to advance and encourage the knowledge and practice of horticulture; to promote an active interest in flower arranging and in design and development of gardens; to aid in the conservation of trees, native plants and wildflowers; to aid and carry on scientific and educational activities in these areas; to cooperate in civic improvements; and to further the projects of the Garden Club of America.

Little Garden Club   

The Little Garden Club of Memphis, member of the Garden Club of America, is a non-profit volunteer organization designed to educate and stimulate its members and the community in the development and promotion of horticulture, conservation, flower arranging and garden design. The organization maintains a strong commitment to supporting and cooperating in community improvements that enhance and further the goals of civic beautification.

Shelby Farms Park Conservancy   

ABOUT SHELBY FARMS PARK CONSERVANCY (SFPC): Shelby Farms Park Conservancy is the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is working to help Shelby Farms Park reach its potential as a celebrated urban park that defines and shapes a great city. SFPC manages and operates the 4,500 acres of Shelby Farms Park and 6.5 miles of Shelby Farms Greenline. Each year, SFPC privately raises more than $2 million (more than 75 percent of its operating budget) to keep the Park and Greenline clean, green and safe.

ABOUT SHELBY FARMS PARK: At 4,500 acres, Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, Tennessee is one of the largest urban parks in the country. With a visionary master plan designed by James Corner Field Operations, it's poised to become one of the best. Today, the Park features miles of paved and unpaved trails, hundreds of acres of woodlands, dozens of lakes and ponds, the new Woodland Discovery Playground, a buffalo herd, meadows, grasslands, pavilions, a Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course and more.

10:00 AM to 1:00 PM - Meet at Germantown trailhead

Learn more at or (901) 222-PARK.

Overton Park Conservancy   

Overton Park Conservancy is the City of Memphis' nonprofit partner in managing the historic 342-acre park in Midtown Memphis. Under our ten-year management agreement, Overton Park remains the property of the City of Memphis and its citizens and the Conservancy is given the authority to manage 184 acres of public parkland including the Greensward, Rainbow Lake, the formal gardens, Veteran’s Plaza, the East Parkway picnic area, and the 126-acre Old Forest State Natural Area. Over the past four years, the Conservancy has removed more than 2,000 cubic yards of invasive privet from the Old Forest. Staff and volunteers continue to combat more than two dozen other invasive plant species in an effort to help this old-growth forest thrive.

Wolf River Conservancy   

The Wolf River Conservancy (WRC) is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the Wolf River and its watershed as a sustainable natural resource. The WRC is involved in conserving land and protecting habitat within the Wolf River floodplain and watershed. Over 15,000 acres have been protected since the organization was founded in 1985, with 624 acres protected in 2015. Participating in site restoration projects like the Weed Wrangle improves the health of the Wolf River watershed by removing invasive plant species and facilitating the regrowth of native plant species. The WRC is also spearheading the development of the 22-mile Wolf River Greenway Trail project along the urban Wolf River from Mud Island in downtown Memphis to the eastern city limits, offering a car-free transportation alternative through the city and a chance to get out and enjoy nature. Connecting people of all ages to the Wolf River through education and outreach is important to the WRC. Through its many educational programs, workshops and classroom instruction, 3,077 children and 759 adults were reached over the past year. A tireless corps of volunteers helps the WRC provide outstanding recreational opportunities for the community, including monthly paddling trips, family-friendly nature hikes and cycling events.

10:00 AM to 1:00 PM - Meet at Germantown trailhead

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