Strategies and Tools for Preventing the Introduction
of Invasive Species at Ports of Entry

On behalf of the Global Invasive Species Programme, Invasive Plant Control, Inc. developed and conducted a week long invasive species training course for border officials in nine east African countries. The workshop was held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in December, 2006. The training provides a comprehensive overview of invasive species issues, IAS management hierarchy (Prevention, Preclearance, Port of Entry Inspection and Clearance, Early Detection and Rapid Response, and Control), as well as general principles of pest exclusion at ports of entry. This training course is applicable to all ports of entry in the world and is an essential tool for educating key stakeholders in the prevention of invasive species. IPC will travel anywhere in the world to conduct this training. If interested, please contact Steven Manning at 615-969-1309 or